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Anionic and cationic polymerizations in emulsion: (successfully) tilting at windmillsy

by Dr Francois Ganachaud

March 27, 2020 4 pm, Lewis Lab 316

The polymerization of organic monomers in water is a wide field of research, in particular in free radical polymerization.  Other catalytic polymerizations (e.g. metallocene, ROMP,...) have also shown to work in conditions where i) the catalyst is not degraded by water and ii) it partitions between the monomer droplets and the continous aqueous medium to favor chain propagation.  We have been working for almost 20 years now on the anionic and cationic polymerizations of various cyclic and vinylic monomers in dispersed media, with continuous but slow progresses.  Quite recently however, we have demonstrated that either oligomers with perfectly controlled chain ends or long (co)polymer chains could be generated by the cationic process.  This has been possible by the introduction of new catalysts, namely B(C6F5)3 and so-​called Lewis Acid Surfactant Catalysts (LASCs), respectively, that are both bulky, so very efficient, and water-​resistant Lewis acids.  This seminar summarizes the results from the origin to the most recently published works, with specific hints of both the chemistry and physical chemistry of the systems.

author bio: Dr Ganachaud studied chemistry at CPE Lyon, before graduating a Ph. D. in 1997 from Lyon University under the supervision of Dr Christian Pichot. After one year postdoc in University of Sydney, he took a CNRS research position first in Paris (1999-2003), then in Montpellier (2003-2011, habilitation in 2004) before going back to Lyon in Sept. 2011. His current research interests are: i) ionic polymerization in aqueous media, ii) functional silicones and related materials, iii) emulsification by Ouzo effect.

EPI Annual Symposium

The Institute holds a symposium each year in last week of May. The goal of this annual mini-symposium is to bring together a group of participants from industry and academia to present their research and to discuss the current research topics related to emulsion polymer and related technologies. An important outcome will be to identify outstanding issues and to set goals on what we can address effectively as a community. An immediate objective of the symposium is to foster an industry-university partnership, to develop a research and education program to address important and industry-relavant issues. 




2019 EPI Annual Symposium

The 2019 symposium developed around a technical theme of emulsion polymers, coating film formation, assembly of particles, particle polymer composite materials,  and general science in surface and colloids. As a tradition, we had representations of both academia and industry participation. It was a good opportunity for a comingling of industry and academia interests and collaboration, as well as a good opportunity for students to gain exposure and experience.


2019 Symposium program

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2018 EPI Annual Symposium

The 2018 symposium developed with a central topic of film formation and contradictary properties. 


2018 Symposium program

2018 symposium speakers


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