Emulsion Polymer Institute - Welcome

Welcome to the Emulsion Polymers Institute at Lehigh University.

The Emulsion Polymers Institute (EPI) has been focused for education and research in emulsion polymers and general colloidal science for the past few decades since its inception. It has been our tradition to work closely with the industry and academia, and research into industry relevant and academically challenging problems. The research thrust of the Institute has a broad area from fundamental scientific-based particle design, to identified applications, and is intrinsically diverse from the broad scope of interest of participating faculty members. While maintaining a core competency in emulsion polymerization synthesis capability and state of art characterization capability, we are also more focused on partnering with industry collaborators. We have a vision that with expertise from both academia and industry, we can solve technology challenges at a fundamental level and at practical scale that will benefit the society in an unmatched scale from either party alone.

We connect, we collaborate, we enable.

At this moment, we are updating our website, please excuse our appearance and check back soon.